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    Submit Your Art!


    The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1 is excited about this platform we’ve created to provide the opportunity for up and coming artists a vehicle by which to showcase their gifts and talents. We have invested quality time, human and financial resources to produce this platform in excellence. Therefore, we encourage only the serious artists – those who invest in their craft and deem it more than just a hobby, but a calling – to submit their art!

    The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1 wants to highlight nothing but YOU the ARTIST. We want to help you take what you have to the next level – making it bigger and better.

    The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1 welcomes the following artists to submit their art:

    • Artists of all ages, genders, and gospel music genres
    • Artists must have a website or social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) with a minimum of 500 followers/subscribers
    • Artists must be teachable and willing to do the work to enhance and develop their craft

    Please complete the form below and submit your video.

    Video Requirements:

    • No longer than two (2) minutes in length
    • Should not exceed more than 300MB
    • Only one video submission per artist
    • Please ensure that your attire is appropriate (Sunday Church Service or Business Casual wear is appropriate)
    • Please submit your absolute best work


    Any and all material sent to The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1 is the property of TAHS 3-2-1.  Sender guarantees that they own the rights and the ability to share the video.  If material/song is original, then the sender/owner has the right to use their own materials sent.  Sender has no permission to use footage or any content from TAHS 3-2-1 without the written permission of TAHS 3-2-1.

    We look forward to seeing your work.